New Workshop for 2024

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Creating Visionary Art: A Journey to the Heart Temple

Saturday 3rd February 2024: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm at the College of Psychic Studies, London

In this in-person workshop, artist Saira Hunjan will guide you to create a heart temple, providing a safe space that allows you to be guided on a journey of divine creativity. Through the use of meditation and sound, Saira will help you to let go of any fears of self-judgement and be led gently into the collective heart chamber. With this intention and access to true expression, you can learn to draw these feelings into visionary art.

Saira will be offering her The All Seeing Heart Oracle deck as an example of inspiration. The group will come together to discuss and reflect upon their experiences, exchanging any insights activated through the works that have been created in this expansive heart space. 

This workshop is not based on technical abilities, so no previous artistic experience is needed. 

You are very welcome to bring along any special objects for assistance and comfort, such as crystals and stones.

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