Ink on Paper and Skin: A Journey From Tattooist to Sacred Artist

In a FREE livestream talk, Thursday 14th September 2023: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm artist Saira Hunjan will be sharing her story about her creative journey as an artist and how it has transformed over the years into a more devotional and spiritual practice. 

Highly influenced by her Indian heritage and frequent trips to the subcontinent, Saira’s work often depicts images of temples, nature, animals and goddess figures. Her medium of choice is ink, which she has applied to both paper and skin.

In this free online talk, Saira will chart her journey so far, including the importance of listening to her intuition in her early years which led her to pursue a successful career in tattooing. Then the need for isolation, grounding and nature, which opened her senses up to start working in a more intuitive way, and the path to producing her visionary art. 

She will also talk about how her The All Seeing Heart Oracle deck (published by Watkins) came into fruition, and how it can be used to live more in the essence of love and the importance of sacred art.  

Saira will describe her practice of connecting to within – to a place of pure divine love energy – and how this is used to transmit into her stunning sacred art practice.  Further details here

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