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Highly influenced by her Indian Heritage and frequent trips to the country, Saira Hunjan’s work often depicts images of nature, animals and goddess figures. Her medium of choice is ink, which she applied to both paper and skin.

Known internationally as ‘The girl with the golden needle’, Saira came to prominence in a career as a tattooist whilst studying fine art at Camberwell College of Arts. This experience helped her refine and transform her visual language for her creative practise, artwork and collaborations.

The material chosen by Hunjan and the process in which she works, a deep transcendent connection achieved through mediation, allow her to translate her experiences into her own unique at work. Monochrome drawings allow the depiction of intricate details and are used to provoke a re-imagining of absent colours, consequently, each experience is personal and totally unique for her audience. In creating alternate ways of seeing, the work aims to blur the boundaries between ritual and reality and the spiritual in a desire to bridge the gap between physical and metaphysical worlds.

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The All Seeing Heart Oracle
Tod’s x Saira Hunjan
Orlebar Brown x Saira Hunjan
Ettinger x Saira Hunjan

Saira Hunjan and Tod's Tattoo

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